Updates on
Canadian Immigration and IELTS Availability in Canada

The information available here in relation to Canadian Immigration is presented by Canada Visa and not IDP IELTS.

With recent policy changes announced by Canada, IDP IELTS recently hosted a webinar with Immigration Lawyer Christopher Collette from CanadaVisa.

Interested in migration or study in Canada?

On Friday, September 4th, we held a live webinar with Monica Aguirre, IDP IELTS Stakeholder Relations & Business Development Manager and her guest, Christopher Collette, Senior Lawyer at CanadaVisa.com – Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm.

Christopher Collette from CanadaVisa provided clarity on how these updates could affect you, or your study/migration plans for Canada.

What was included in this webinar?

  • An easy-to-understand explanation from Canada Visa of these updates, including impacts on post-graduate work permit eligibility, full-time student status, and travel restrictions.
  • Answers to any specific questions posed during the webinar.

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