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IELTS Test Report Form (TRF)

The Test Report Form (TRF) will be printed 13 days after the test day. You can collect your TRF at IDP IELTS offices when your results are released. You need to bring the form of identity you used to register for the test in order to pick up your TRF. Contact your IELTS test centre for more information. The candidate will receive ONE original Test Report Form, unless you are applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), or United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) – in these cases, you can receive two. Proof of application to CIC and UKBA must be provided. This is a very valuable document and it is recommended that you take care in keeping your TRF secure.

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Online Results

You can also preview your IELTS results online. In order to access your scores online you will need to enter your Full Name, Date of Birth, and your Registered ID (Passport or National Identity Number).

Send your TRF to institutions

A candidate may request up to five (5) additional TRFs to be sent to Receiving Institutions (universities, professional bodies, etc) within one (1) month of taking the IELTS test. TRFs sent by courier will be sent through DHL and students will be charged accordingly. If the Receiving Institution accepts electronic submission of scores then that can be arranged through the IDP IELTS office at no charge. More than five TRFs are subject to an extra fee plus courier costs. These are sent directly to the Receiving Organisations of your choice. Contact your IDP IELTS Centre for more information.

Additional TRFs

To request additional TRFs to be sent to Receiving Organisations more than one (1) month after taking the test the candidate must complete the “Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs”. There is an extra fee for each additional TRF requested after the one-month period as well as the regular courier fees. You can also authorize another person to collect your test report form. Please complete the “TRFs-Payment Authorization Form” and return it with the “Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs” to the IELTS test centre in your city. Contact your IELTS test centre for more information.

Test Report Forms are valid for two years.

NOTE: Test Centres are NOT permitted to give test results over the telephone, via fax or e-mail to the candidate.