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IELTS for Citizenship and Immigration Canada

IELTS – General Training is accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) as evidence of English language proficiency. If you are applying for a work visa, professional registration or for permanent residence in Canada, it is likely that you will be required to present your test result as part of your application. IELTS results are also accepted for Canadian citizenship.

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Canadian Language Requirements

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB ) are the national standards used in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

What IELTS score do I need?

  • You are advised to check directly with the organisation to which you are applying to find out what IELTS score you require. Employers and educational institutions can set their own language requirements.
  • You should also refer to the CIC website to find out what CLB standards you will be required to meet for visa and citizenship purposes.

The table below shows how IELTS General Training test scores equate to the CLB standards:

IELTS takes you further!

Don’t forget that your IELTS result not only opens doors to work and study in Canada. IELTS results are accepted by 10,000 institutions around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA and in many other countries where English is used. IELTS is also recognised by governments in more countries than any other test for immigration/permanent residence purposes.