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Ask the IDP IELTS Expert live streaming on Facebook

If you have questions about any parts of the IELTS test, you can ask them directly to the IDP IELTS Expert on Facebook Live.

Each other Tuesday, IDP IELTS expert goes live on IDP IELTS Middle East Facebook page for one hour to answer the most frequently asked questions received from candidates through the hashtags #Ask_IDP_IELTS_Expert


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Each session is dedicated to discussing one of the IELTS test modules: IELTS Listening & Writing or IELTS Reading & Speaking

Join this session on Facebook Live if you need to:

  • Find out about the IELTS test format,
  • Get expert tips on how to answer the IELTS test components,
  • Learn about all the preparation materials offered by IDP to help you in your IELTS journey.

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