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Covid-19: Information for IDP IELTS test takers

As you may be aware, governments around the world have introduced health and safety measures and travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We at IDP IELTS Middle East are committed to protecting the health of our test takers across the region, while also trying to minimise disruption to life-changing opportunities for international higher education and migration.

Therefore, we have had to suspend IELTS testing services in some countries in line with official requirements of healthcare authorities. In these countries, we are putting detailed plans in place to ensure that our test takers are able to take their tests as soon as possible once the official restrictions are removed.

Affected test takers in these countries are encouraged to contact their test centers by email to transfer their tests to a later date or to receive a refund.

On the other hand, we continue to offer IELTS testing services in other countries, while putting into action additional precautions to help protect the health of our test takers and staff.

Countries where IELTS is suspended

IELTS testing is currently suspended in the below countries, as per the official requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your test centre

UAE IELTS Testing is now available at selected test centers
Oman Tests are resumed at selected test centers.
Egypt Tests are resumed.
Turkey Tests are resumed.
Iran Tests are resumed.
Pakistan Tests are resumed.
Saudi Arabia Tests are resumed.
Qatar Tests suspended until 10th June
Bahrain Tests suspended until 7th May
Kuwait Tests suspended until 28th May
Lebanon Tests suspended until 18th May
Jordan Tests suspended until further notice